OSIsoft – Kontrolmatik Partnership for Operational Intelligence

Kontrolmatik is pleased to announce a new valuable partnership with OSIsoft. This partnership enables businesses to combine enterprise-wide IT and operations data and tools for enhanced analytics, machine learning, integration and rapid IoT solution development. It also helps organizations access and analyze massive volumes of time-series data within enterprise information architectures supporting data warehouse, Big Data, and advanced analytics projects.

The OSIsoft PI System captures the large volumes of disparate data from sensors, IoT gateways, manufacturing equipment and other devices and then structures and cleans it so that it can be used to optimize ongoing operations or conduct business analytics.

It is frequently a challenge to leverage advanced visualization and analytics tools with these datasets because of inconsistencies in the source data, incomplete data, missing data context and the need to leverage advanced indexing technologies to ensure scalability for data searching and access.

By connecting directly with real-time, streaming data from the OSIsoft PI System, organizations can compare actual readings with sophisticated statistical models that help predict performance, downtime, and running costs, such as energy efficiency. Furthermore, real-time adjustments, alerts, and instructions can be generated to avoid failures and risks or to improve operational efficiency. By researching different data sources, users can understand machine-operating characteristics in varying environments and points in time, and therefore produce a framework for continuous improvement.

About OSIsoft, LLC.
OSIsoft, a global leader in operational intelligence, delivers an open enterprise infrastructure to connect sensor-based data, operations and people to enable real-time and actionable insights. As the maker of the PI System, OSIsoft empowers companies across a range of industries in activities such as exploration, extraction, production, generation, process and discrete manufacturing, distribution and services to leverage streaming data to optimize and enrich their businesses. For over thirty years, OSIsoft customers have embraced the PI System to deliver process, quality, energy, regulatory compliance, safety, security and asset health improvements across their operations. Founded in 1980, OSIsoft is a privately-held company, headquartered in San Leandro, California, U.S.A, with offices around the world.

About Kontrolmatik Enerji ve Mühendislik A.Ş.

Kontrolmatik provides a broad spectrum of services to industries including; Consulting, Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Multidisciplinary Engineering Design, Construction Management, Procurement Services, Advanced Process Control, Computerized Plant Information Systems, Software Projects and support, Plant Start-up and Commissioning, IoT and Data Analytics product and services.

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