Nozomi Networks – Kontrolmatik Partnership for ICS Cyber Security

Real-time operational visibility in ICS networks is crucial when it comes to avoid operational disruptions and to protect ICS environment from cyberattacks. Nozomi Networks’ innovative technology solves this challenge and does it in a way that is completely non-intrusive and safe for ICS and SCADA networks.

Kontrolmatik and Nozomi Networks joint forces to improve your ICS and SCADA networks cyber security. With Kontrolmatik‘s field and integration experience for years and Nozomi Networks’ state-of-the-art SCADAguardian ensure ICS reliability via cybersecurity and real-time operational monitoring.

SCADAguardian automatically discovers, in real-time, the industrial network including its components, connections and topology. Its advanced learning capability then develops process and security profiles specific to your ICS and uses behavioral analytics to constantly monitor them. The result is the rapid detection of cyberattacks and critical process anomalies.


Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Anomaly, Intrusion and Risk Detection
  • Incident Correlation
  • Vulnerability Assessment
Operational ICS Visibility
  • Asset Management
  • Network Visualization & Modeling
  • Real-time Network Monitoring
  • Dynamic ICS Behavioral Learning
Proven Large-Scale Deployments
  • Utilities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Meets Enterprise Requirements
  • Integrates with Security Infrastructure
  • Delivers Fast ROI

Key Benefits:

  • Automated Real-Time Modeling of Industrial Control Networks
  • Rapidly Detect Cybersecurity Threats and Incidents
  • Fast Identification and Remediation of Operational Anomalies
  • Save Time and Avoid Regulatory Compliance Fines
  • Reduce Troubleshooting and Remediation Efforts
  • Track Industrial Assets and Corresponding Cybersecurity Risks
  • Easily Monitor Remote Sites from a Central Location

Sample Architecture

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