Mobile Substation

As the name implies, Mobile Substation is a substation on wheels. This System is used when a
temporary power supplies are needed. Provides easy and flexible solutions.

A mobile substation is a completely self-contained trailer mounted unit comprised of transformer, cooling equipment, high and low voltage circuit protection, metering, relaying, AC and DC auxiliary power supplies and surge protection.

The mobile substation is intended to be pulled by a truck tractor and for that reason is mounted on a specially designed semi-trailer chassis. Design and installation of a mobile substation have specific restrictions which are not present when designing conventional substations

D.O.T. restrictions due to transport such as;

  • Limiting dimensions and weights
  • Road regulations
  • Electrical clearances

Applications of Mobile Substation:

  • Continuity of service for planned construction, maintenance and inspection programs
  • Standby or temporary service
  • Over-capacity service
  • Replace complete substation in event of equipment failure
  • Electrical power source in isolated areas
  • Backup unit in countries with earthquake, flood, war, etc
  • Power source for de-icing of HV lines in very cold areas
  • In case of emergency when urgent power supply is required
  • In military camps


Advantages of Mobile Substation

  • Mobility in service
  • Quick access for service
  • Less Maintenance cost
  • Minimum Clearance for utilization
  • Increase in Reliability
  • Maximum KVA with minimum height.

Types Of Mobile Substations

  • 132/33kV (up to 60 MVA)
  • 132/11kV (16-35 MVA)
  • 33/11kV (5-16 MVA)

Special design features can be implemented according to the requirements and specifications of the clients.

Major Components

There are five major components of a mobile substation:

  • High Voltage Section
  • Transformer and Cooling
  • Low Voltage Section
  • Controls / Protection / Metering / Auxiliary Supply
  • Trailer – special design features

As KONTROLMATİK we provide the followings;

  • Design of mobile substation including protection system.
  • Mounting,Test and Commissioning
  • Isolating and Earthing Blade
  • 132 kV,SF6 Type,Outdoor C.B
  • Surge Arrester
  • Main Transformer-25 MVA
  • Aux. Grounding Transformer
  • Isolating and Earthing Blade
  • Switchgears
  • Trailer
  • Dual Battery Charger
  • Panels
  • Supply of electrical equipment/material/systems and trailer

Why Kontrolmatik?

  • Fast Installation Time
  • Combining different projects causes a price advantage
  • After sale services – at site and online
  • High know-how and integrity

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